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Technology Evolves

The technology behind software applications is an ever evolving process. The tools that software architects use are constantly expanding. At Nuvem Apps, we utilize the most sensible, reliable, and cost effective solutions.

Cloud Architecture

The cloud refers to a dynamically scalable, virtualized data resource on the internet. The cloud provides businesses with an alternative to purchasing and maintaing their own server(s). The cloud is a more affordable option for businesses in most any case, with the exception being very large corporations.

Client / Server Applications

This type of application is still common, though it does not offer many of the benefits found in cloud applications. Client/Server applications are created to be run on a single server that is usually supported by in-house IT staff. If the server becomes unavailable, the application goes offline.

Database Design

With the advent of cloud databases, there are two very different options available for database design. in the cloud, databases can instantly expand to the needed size to accomodate a large influx of data. Though the cloud is very secure, some businesses prefer to keep their data on their own network, instead that of a third party. In that case, businesses would choose an enterprise relational database such as Microsoft SQL that is hosted on local network servers.


Reports are a critical decision making tool to any business. Whether your data is on the cloud or stored locally, Nuvem Apps can design a reporting solution to meet your needs. Our reports can be easily customized and adapted to changing business needs.