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Nuvem Apps for your software development needs.

At Nuvem Apps, we love what we do. After over 20 years of experience in software development and consulting, we have come to realize the value of our own abilities. As a national statistical average, over 40% of software projects fail. At Nuvem Apps, none of our software projects fail.Our success is contributed to our multi-talented and dedicated team of developers that help bring your ideas into reality.

Commercial Application Development.

Recent developments in computing have made it easier than ever to create and market a commercial application that can reach millions of customers. Technological improvements in code frameworks, database architecture, and hosting have made for increased reliability and scalability. Also, with cloud computing, the cost of utilizing a large datacenter to support your application is minimal. This means developing commercial applications are more affordable and yield higher profits than ever!

With an uncertain economy, people are unsure of where to invest their money. Have you ever sat at your desk and wished there was a software product that did a better job of meeting your needs? Some people choose to develop custom software to solve problems that canned software does not, but the only return of investment on custom software is the time that increased productivity saves you. A commercial application can be packaged and sold to other businesses an infinite amount of times. If you have an idea that you think others might be interested in buying, talk to us at Nuvem Apps. We can bring your idea to market and give you an exciting investment opportunity!

Cloud Architecture

A long time ago, electricity was not available via a public utility. Anyone who wanted electricity had to own and maintain their own generator at their home or business. The up front capital costs were high and maintanence and repairs were expensive. The more electricity a business needed, the more expensive and difficult it became. Then, the grid was created. The generators were purchased and maintained by one organization who would allow customers to purchase electricty from them. This made electricity cheaper and more reliable.

Not so long ago, before cloud architecture was available, a business who wanted a software application had to purchase their own server to host it on. The more data they had, the more servers they needed. Servers are expensive and can be difficult to maintain. Businesses had to hire staff to handle security, data backups, hardware and network repairs, etc, etc. The overhead costs of having a data center are high.

Cloud architecture is much like the electrical utility. One organization purchases and maintains the data center. They handle the security, networking, and maintanence issues and offers the data center resources to their customers. Businesses who take advantage of cloud architecture to host their software applications pay a small perctentage of the IT costs associated with having their own data center.

Nuvem Apps can move all your network requirements to the cloud. Commercial or custom applications can be hosted on the cloud as well as email, database, and productivity software. Check out the 10 Reasons to Use Cloud Computing or give us a call. We're happy to answer all your questions and recommend a solution that best suits your needs and budget.

Custom Application Development

Many businesses have developed an efficent business process that is propritary to their company or line of work. It is difficult for these organizations to find canned or commercial software products that fit their needs. Nuvem Apps will work with your staff to develop an application that boosts employeee productivity and empowers management decisions. We will work with you to determine the architecture that best suits your requirements. Nuvem Apps can develop applications that run on the cloud, locally on your network, accessible online via a web browser, or a more portable application such at those found on mobile devices.

Database Design

Software would probably not exist were it not for data. Data is the most critical asset to most any business. It needs to be accurate, up to date, reliable, and available. Trust your data storage requirements to the experts at Nuvem Apps. We have experience with database design, data migration, and warehousing. If you have an existing database that needs to be upgraded has performance issues call Nuvem Apps. We will help your company find a data storage solution that your business can depend on.


Knowledge is power. Having access to informative reports allows management to make decisions quickly, track trends, anticipate customer needs, and strategize success. Nuvem Apps can build flexible, easy to use reports that adjust to changes in business requirements over time. We can build reports that integrate with your current software and database or create an independent solution. Give us a call to find out what we can do for you.