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  1. Software As a Subscription Customers access their software online - from any computer!
  2. Reduced Software Maintenance No security patches to download and install.
  3. Increased Reliability If a local hard drive crashes, there is no loss of data.
  4. Increased Scalabilty Never run out of hard drive space again.
  5. Cost Reduction Businesses using cloud applications require less IT Staff.
  6. Environmentally Friendly Data centers employ green energy technologies.
  7. Compliments Current Hardware Trends Cloud applications run efficiently on portable laptops like Netbooks.
  8. Portability/Accessiblity Get work done while travelling or at home - anywhere that there is an internet connection!
  9. Platform Independent Virtualization eliminates operating system dependencies.
  10. Versionless Software Software upgrades are seamless. No more backward compatibility or versioning issues.

Nuvem Apps is the business to call for your software development needs. We specialize in bringing commercial software applications to the market using leading cloud architecture. Our software projects succeed because we offer a reliable team of developers that are equally skilled in project management and communication as they are at coding. This unique combination of talent allows for an efficient and productive product development experience. We listen to our customers and deliver what they asked for on time and within the budget!

Aside from developing commercial products, we can also meet your custom software development needs. Nuvem Apps can create applications, databases, and reports for your organization. We've worked with private, education, non-profit, and governement agencies to create software solutions that save time and greatly reduce information management overhead.

Does your project to be finished on time? Rely on the project managers at Nuvem Apps.

Builing a successful commercial or custom software application requires a team of people who communicate with ease, have excellent project management skills, and have a committment to quality.

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Our experienced developers deliver quality code and customer satisfaction.

Our developers are also excellent business consultants who will listen to the problem you are trying to solve, discern the requirements that are unique to the project, and architect the solution according to your preferences.

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Coding Customer Satisfaction Deciding who to trust your software ideas with is easy with Nuvem Apps.

Thousands of years ago, writing was a new technology skill that few people had. Kings would hire a scribe to read their messages and dictate new messages to. Today, software developers are the scribes of computer programming.

At Nuvem Apps, we have both the people skills and the technical skills to turn your software ideas into reality. Give us a call at 907-903-0874. We happily establish a non-disclosure agreement should you be concerned about intellectual property issues.